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So yeah...


is where I am at now. I'll be getting rid of this journal in like... the end of this month... so if you get added by that account, it's me, and I'll tell ya ;)

I just don't like this journal anymore.. so I'm moving to an old journal I found and cleaned out... ;)
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sometimes I shouldn't let my curiousity over come me...

= 3= who wants to help me drink Honey milk tea and strawberry milk tea?

... yeah...
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ughn... I'm in such a foul mood today... and not even listening to Megumi is helping...

ugn... fuck it all what the fuck ever.

tomorrow I'm getting new shoes.. and I may start on my room again tomorrow after shopping.

I wanna draw, but I'm in such a foul mood that I've thrown myself into a block.

I want to stop stressing out about Temple and money, but I can't. I think even if I do get accepted and go to Tokyo next year, I'll never stop stressing out about money because WHO THE FUCK CAN AFFORD TO PAY RENT, BILLS, GROCERY, AND REPAY LOANS WHEN YOUR ONLY ALLOWED TO WORK 28 HOURS A WEEK???

so I'll more then likely will have to do a shopping service or something... I'll be in Tokyo... I can hit up the pokemon store and still crap... but who knows how much money that can bring in?


I really... fear growing up and becoming an adult next year...
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okay so credit card is paid off, I'll be removing it from my paypal account as another way to pay to make sure I don't use it.

I'm thinking of getting some new shoes this week or maybe even sunday if I can talk the parents to taking me to payless or something (I wanna pick up a pair of cheap knock off chucks 8D)

I wanna get myself the Kodack Zi6... from Sam's club's website... its the fucking cheapest price I've seen for an HD camera.. $147 not including shipping? its still a good price with shipping and a memory card added in.

I wanna get a hair cut... and my brows waxed. I'll see if mom can schedule me an appointment at the mirage for a hair cut because I'm still to much of a child and is so fucking phone shy that I don't want to do it myself. I'm thinking of getting the back cut really short this time... like no hair on my neck short...

I need to also look for some summer pj bottoms... because I have a feeling pj pants will be the death of me in summer X-x;
Edit: that is if I can find anything my size that wont cost $23 for shorts and $26 for capris >_<;

I also need to clean my room ... I'll start sunday... I had to stop last week because I filled our outside trash can thingy up with just three garbage bags o_o;;;
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jesus fucking christ why do I continue to go out shopping with her? and why do I continue to say okay to going out after she said jake is going with us?

they both bitch and whine and cause me to get pissed off.

it just always reminds me why I'm so fucking desperate to get away from these people :/

if I could afford it, I'd move out (fuck that might give me better chances at financial aid... with me hardly being able to afford to live..) and stay like that until I leave for Tokyo if I get accepted.

fuck... when ever I get into the court of my neighborhood, my mood always fouls up.. but when I get out and away from this neighborhood, I feel so fucking happy.

..... UGHN! -rantrantbitchbitchmoanmoan-
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merrr... its funny... at 10 or so in the morning I'm only slightly groggy when I wake up. I lay down adn take a nap at noon and wake up at 2

and I feel like I haven't slept in hours and just wanto to blow off whatever I was waken up for to go out and do something... and just blow it off and go and sleep.


still have rug burn.. still pretty irattatted rug burn.

I feel like ass... have a headache... I want chocolate! DX
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ughn... I want something warm to eat... :/

I want chocolate too... meiji chocolate... = A=

I just want to get out of vacaville for a little... blerrrr.....

so tired.
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Ho'Snap Son! Tweets!

Stalking me through my day.

  • 03:16 blurgblurgblurg wanna go to sleep but I want to talk to my sweeties ;3 #
  • 14:12 ughn... headache DX gunna be going to the post office soon and then to the gym... blerblerblerbler I just want to play platinum today... #
  • 15:52 just got back from the post office and the gym... rug burn on my knee was way to painful to really do much of anything... T_T #
  • 15:53 and yes, I'm a ninny whimp about a really painful rug burn on my knees... DX #
  • 19:39 omnomnomnomnom dinner was fucking great tonight aside from it being just a cheese burger and potatoes... #
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ahahaha... so whyyy is it so easy for me to go without AR?

because I lose the fucking thing all the damn time X-x

but I still have the cable XD